Depending on the types of PC*MILER data add-ons you have licensed, you may have access through PC*MILER Connect to multiple sets of routing data, including: street-level data in North America; worldwide highway data (PC*MILER Worldwide); and data for oil and gas lease roads (PC*MILER Energy). 

You may also have multiple sets of street-level data in North America as it is regularly updated between versions of PC*MILER. That includes the base version data (called Base), as well as more recently released data set updates (called Last or Latest). 

The data set currently in use is identified in your C:\ALK Technologies\PCMILERxx\App\user.cfg file in the [Directories] section.

The Base data set for PC*MILER is in use

Changing the Data Set for Multi-Version Switch

If you wish to switch to a different data set, you need to make the change in the PC*MILER user interface using the Change Data Set option. 

1. Launch PC*MILER.

2. Go to Map > Change Data Set  and select the desired Data Set.

3. Close PC*MILER.

4. Copy the PCMILERxx\App\user.cfg

5. Place copy in PCMILERxx\MVS (replacing previous file)

6. Restart MVS and  the application/integration that is making calls to PC*MILER via MVS APIs.

For Worldwide Data

In addition to changing the data set, the correct region must be also be set in one of three ways: