Depending on the types of PC*MILER data add-ons you have licensed, you may have access through PC*MILER Connect to multiple sets of routing data, including: street-level data in North America and worldwide highway data (PC*MILER Worldwide). 

The data set currently in use is identified in your C:\ALK Technologies\PCMILERxx\App\user.cfg file in the [Directories] section.  "Base" indicates the North America data set first released with that version of PC*MILER.

The Base data set for PC*MILER is in use

Changing the Data Set

If you wish to switch to a different data set, you need to make the change in the PC*MILER user interface using the Change Data Set option. 

1. Launch PC*MILER.

2. Go to Map > Change Data Set  and select the desired Data Set.

3. Close PC*MILER.

4. Restart the application/integration that is making calls to PC*MILER via the Connect APIs.

For Worldwide Data

In addition to changing the data set, the correct region must be also be set in one of three ways: