Supported Versions: 9.6.4 and newer

By default, CoPilot Laptop will attempt to use Windows Location Based Services (LBS) to acquire a GPS fix on computers running Windows OS.  However, in Windows 8.1 and newer, Windows LBS no longer broadcasts speed and heading information. It still provides Lat/Long for positioning, but route guidance is not possible without Speed and Heading information. In this situation we recommend using a 3rd party GPS receiver (i.e. USB or Bluetooth). 

You will also need to configure CoPilot to look for the external GPS receiver rather than Windows LBS.  You can do this by adding the following configurations to your product.cfg



If CoPilot can't find your GPS receiver, you may also need to manual configure the CoPilot to look at the COM Port for which the GPS receiver is connected.

"PortNum"=8  {Enter the COM Port Number here}

Note: You can find the COM Port associated to the GPS Receiver in your computer's Device Manager