(Note: MVS support to end on April 3, 2025)

The Multi-Version Switch (MVS) is an integration tool that simultaneously supports multiple versions of PC*MILER Connect installed on one server or on several different servers. Replacing the need to manually query data from each individual version, the MVS provides programmatic access to the version of choice.

The MVS eliminates the need to maintain multiple PCs or servers to generate mileage calculations. It supports your bid preparation, accounting functions and customer contracts that may specify a different version of PC*MILER mileage or toll amounts. The MVS:

  • Reduces the number of dedicated network servers to support along with their maintenance costs and setup fees.
  • Cuts labor costs by eliminating manual route entry processes.
  • Ensures customers that contracts can be made and kept using their version of choice.

The Multi-Version Switch is licensed in addition to PC*MILER Connect and any PC*MILER versions you have purchased. 

The Multi-Version Switch works with any of these versions of PC*MILER Connect 

PC*MILER Connect 14.0 or 14.1
PC*MILER Connect 23.0 or 23.1
PC*MILER Connect 15.0 or 15.1
PC*MILER Connect 24.0 or 24.1
PC*MILER Connect 16.0 or 16.1
PC*MILER Connect 25.0 or 25.1
PC*MILER Connect 17.0 or 17.1
PC*MILER Connect 26.0 or 26.1
PC*MILER Connect 18.0 or 18.1
PC*MILER Connect 27.0 or 27.1
PC*MILER Connect 19.0 or 19.1
PC*MILER Connect 28-37
PC*MILER Connect 20.0 or 20.1

PC*MILER Connect 21.0 or 21.1

PC*MILER Connect 22.0 or 22.1

* .1 versions replaced with a DTOD Map Data update beginning with v28.

NOTE: PC*MILER map graphics are not supported in Multi-Version Switch.