int  PCMSGetRptLine(Trip trip, int rpt, int line, char *buffer, int bufSize)


Trip trip – Handle to a trip.

int rpt – The report type.

int line ­– The index of the line number in the report.

char *buffer – The buffer where the specified report will be deposited.

long bufSize – The number of bytes in the buffer.


Retrieves a specified report, line by line.

Return Values 

Returns the number of bytes in the report line.

Sample Code 

/* Show the trip’s stops as geocoded */
for (i = 0; i < PCMSNumStops(tripID); i++)
        bytes = PCMSGetRptLine(tripID, RPT_MILEAGE, i, buffer, 40);
if (0 < bytes)
printf (“%s\n”, buffer);
printf (“Stop %d is invalid\n”, i);

Supported Since: PC*MILER Connect 12

Category: Trip Report