Custom routing preferences, such as avoiding or favoring certain roads or overriding road restrictions, can be applied to routes generated via PC*MILER Connect.

Route Modifiers

Route Modifiers, which include Avoids, Favors and Closures, are created, managed and stored in Content Tools, and then synced with the PC*MILER user interface.

Overriding Truck Restrictions

Truck-restricted roads can be overridden in the PC*MILER user interface.

Applying Custom Preferences

Once you have created and synced these preferences, the PCMSSetCustomMode function can be used to enable or disable custom routing programmatically.

Alternatively, custom preferences can be activated or deactivated using the “CustomRoute” setting in the PCMSERVE.INI file. When set to TRUE, avoided, favored, and overridden roads set in PC*MILER will be used. The default is FALSE. 


Once custom routing is activated, you can use PCMSAFActivateSet to activates or deactivates a specific Avoid/Favor set created and named in Content Tools.