int PCMSAFActivateSet(PCMServerID server, const char *setName, bool activate)


PCMServerID serv – The PC*MILER server ID.

const char *setName – The name of the Route Modifier set to activate.

bool activate – Set to True to activate Route Modifier set; False to deactivate.


Activates or deactivates a specific Route Modifier set for routing and reporting purposes, using the name of the set. Route Modifier Sets, which are created in Content Tools, and synced to the PC*MILER user interface, include Avoids, Favors and Closures. Multiple sets can be active side by side.

Note: All sets are active by default. This is a global setting so care must be taken to reactivate sets as necessary.

Return Values 

Standard Returns

Supported Since: PC*MILER Connect 26

Category: Custom Data