PC*MILER Connect can calculate routes with as many stops as your system resources allow. When you add stops to a trip, PC*MILER Connect tries to geocode stop names to matching locations in the PC*MILER highway database.

The following functions are used to manage a trip’s list of stops:

  • PCMSAddStop adds a stop to the trip’s stop list. It geocodes the given location by returning the default match in the PC*MILER database at a confidence level of 1 or 2.
  • PCMSDeleteStop deletes a specified stop from this trip.
  • PCMSGetStop will put a stop name into the supplied buffer.
  • PCMSNumStops returns the total number of stops currently in the trip’s stop list, including origin and destination. 
  • PCMSClearStops removes all stops from the stop list.

The following sample code shows how to add stops and how to check a partial match after adding a stop:

  void AddStop(Trip trip)
    int matches;
    int bytes;
    char buffer[40];
    /* Clear out all the stops */
    /* Add one stop and error check it carefully */
    matches = PCMSAddStop(trip, “Princeton, NJ”);
    if (1 < matches)
      printf(“Found %d matching cities!\n”, matches);
    else if (1 == matches)
      printf(“Found only one\n”);
    else if (0 == matches)
      printf(“Couldn’t find anything\n”);
      printf(“Oops! Caused an error\n”);
    /* Add some more stops simply */
    PCMSAddStop(trip, “Chicago, IL”);
    PCMSAddStop(trip, “San Diego, CA”);
    /* Show the trip’s stops as geocoded */
    for (i = 0; i < PCMSNumStops(trip); i++)
    bytes = PCMSGetRptLine(trip, RPT_MILEAGE, i,
   buffer, 40);
  if (0 < bytes)
  printf (“%s\n”, buffer);
  printf (“Stop %d is invalid\n”, i);