The stops you add to a trip are simply places on the PC*MILER road network. Place names may be any of the following:

  • City/state pairs or 5-digit ZIP/postal codes; for example, "Princeton, NJ" or "08540"
  • Three-digit US ZIP codes, which must include state abbreviation; for example, "123, NY"
  • Latitude/longitude points; for example, "0401750N,0742131W"
  • A street address and city/state. (Requires Streets add-on)
  • A street address and latitude/longitude point. (Requires Streets add-on)
  • A SPLC; for example, "SPLC202230250"
  • Canadian Postal Codes; for example, "K7L 4E7" (Requires the PC*MILER Canadian Postal Code data add-on.)
  • Custom places created in ContentTools
  • Postal codes outside of the U.S. and Canada. (Requires PC*MILER Worldwide.)

PC*MILER Connect has functions for validating place names and matching partial names to places on the PC*MILER network. For example, you can use Connect to return a list of place names that match "PRI*, NJ" or all ZIP codes that start with "085*". When adding a stop to a trip, Connect chooses the first match if many matching cities exist. If you add an incomplete stop name like "PRINCE, NJ", Connect will use "Princessville, NJ", the first in its list of valid matches.