PC*MILER Connect allows you to enter latitude/longitude points as stops on a route. These points can be entered in degrees-minutes-seconds-direction format (e.g. "0401750N,0742131W") or decimal degrees (e.g. "40.297222N, 74.358611W").  In either format, coordinates must be wrapped in double quotation marks.

An example of an actual latitude/longitude near Kendall Park, NJ in both formats:



You can also use lat/long points combined with street addresses for more precise geocoding and directions. The lat/long is added before the address, followed by a semicolon:

"40.211670N,74.703480W;1200 Kuser Road"  

PC*MILER Connect geocodes the lat/long to the nearest point on the particular street in the address, rather than to the nearest street in the direction of travel, as would be the case for a lat/long by itself. In the example above that uses an address in Trenton, NJ, the route will access its destination via Kuser Road rather than turning off Interstate 295 as it would if a lat/long were used without an address. If the lat/long is more than .5 miles from the street in the address, an error message will be returned.

NOTE: This feature will only work if your third-party integration software recognizes a street address with lat/long format.