• Organizations can have many levels and cross sections of management and reporting, resulting in the need for location groups, regional groups, asset groups, local delivery groups, long haul groups, etc.  

  • Best practice is to create vehicle groups for specific routing profiles and only apply profiles to those vehicle groups. This will simplify the profile choices for drivers and isolate the profile set up to more easily control changes.  

  • For example, if your operation includes  both straight trucks and tractor/trailers then you should have vehicle groups for straight trucks based on their length because they will never change, making their only variable Hazmat Codes.  However, tractor/trailers can end up with a wide combination of 53', 48', 28', 22', twins, etc. for trailers with varying heights and a mix of Hazmat Codes.  Some companies can isolate their vehicles/drivers for hauling Hazmat, so they could create other groups to simplify.  

Note: If routing profiles are setup to go into every vehicle group and there are  vehicles in multiple groups, the last profile set that was updated  will be sent down  to the vehicle.  This is the reason that it is recommended to set up groups specifically for profiles.