The Account Settings screen is where you can view and select global settings for Account Manager. 

  1. Your company information, including your Company ID assigned by Trimble Maps.
  2. Whether you are assigning your licenses to Vehicles, Drivers or Mobile Devices. This is set at the time that you purchased your licenses.
  3. A slider bar to set whether to Allow Drivers to create Trips on MileOn or only use trips sent to them by a fleet administrator.
  4. A slider bar to set whether to share anonymized location and route information with Trimble Maps to help improve the future accuracy or maps, routing and ETA calculations. (Available in CoPilot 10.19 and Higher)
  5. The way you want to identify your assets in the Account Manager. Options may include Email, Inventory ID, Phone, Driver ID/Employee ID, and Vehicle ID. (The choices available depend on whether you are assigning licenses to drivers, vehicles or mobile devices.)