CoPilot is being updated so it can take advantage of the most current Android platform APIs to provide safe, legal, and efficient GPS navigation for commercial vehicles. 

As a result, in order to install any future CoPilot version updates, Android apps that integrate navigation using the CPIK Libraries will need to:

  • Target a minimum Android API level of 24. 
  • Run on devices using Android 7 or higher. 

Android uses the minSdkVersion attribute (API level) declared in an app’s manifest to filter the app from devices that do not meet its version requirements.

Who is impacted?

This change only possibly requires an update to a partner app using CPIK when you want to update to CoPilot or higher. Older CoPilot versions will continue to support Android 6 and a minimum Android API level of 16. 

This change also does not impact customers using iOS versions of CoPilot or the CoPilot SDK App. Android versions of CoPilot downloaded from app stores, however, will need to run on devices with Android 7 or higher to have access to CoPilot version updates going forward.

What needs to be done?

If you want to upgrade to CoPilot or higher, you will need to be sure:

  • All of the devices running your app are using Android 7 or higher. 
  • Your app’s manifest includes:
    <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="24"/>

Starting with CoPilot, a minSdkVersion up to 32 (Android 12) is supported. 

Read more about setting the API level in Android, or contact us with questions.