Navigate to and use the credentials provided to you to log-in to the CoPilot Partner Portal.  If you haven't received login credentials please contact your Business Development representative. 

Click on B2B 

Click on Maps

Click on Android

Click on North America

Click on the desired Year

Click on the desired Quarter

Download "Android_(Year)_(Quarter)

Extract contents of zip file

Browse to the following directory:


Create a new folder titled com.alk.copilot.

Open that folder and create a new folder titled FILES.

Copy the extracted map data folders from your computer to this location.

Copy the CoPilot installation file (com.alk.copilot.generic_enterprise.commonbundle.apk) to the root of the STORAGE CARD. 

Tap that file to initiate the installation. 

When the installation is complete DO NOT tap open. Instead tap DONE.

Return to the home screen.

Power off the device.

 NOTE: If your device has a re-start option DO NOT use this. You MUST use POWER OFF.

Power on the device.

Locate and open CoPilot.

Enter your Product Key 

Create a CoPilot Account, or Log-In to your existing CoPilot Account 

Accept End User License Agreement 

Configure your Truck Routing Profile 

When you reach the Map screen, you are ready to enjoy your CoPilot experience!