CPIK and SDK are two different ways you can integrated CoPilot with your application. There is no “right” or “wrong” integration type.  It’s up to you to identify what best meets your needs. Below please find some of the differences between the two. 

CPIK (CoPilot Integration Kit)

  • CoPilot library embedded directly into the partner application 

  • Library package includes all the necessary APIs for 3rd party integration

  • Comes with complete documentation, a sample application and source code for the sample application

  • Ability for a single 3rd party application to be available through consumer App stores

  • Driver doesn’t have to toggle between multiple apps—CoPilot is embedded into the partner application

  • Ability to customize the user interface and overlay content on top of CoPilot

  • Supported on Android, iOS and React Native (CoPilot 10.14 and Higher)

SDK (Software Development Kit)

  • 2 separate applications communicate through a socket connection

  • The client application will pass instructions/destinations to CoPilot 

  • CoPilot provides callback notifications to client application

  • Integration on multiple platforms simplified

  • Feature rich set of APIs

  • Over 250 APIs available for integration and communication

  • Supported on Android and Windows (except Windows phone)

If you’d like further assistance with CoPilot integrations, please contact our Enterprise Support team at support@trimblemaps.com.