MapExact is a licensed online map editing tool that allows you to make custom edits to our map data to suit your company’s needs. You can edit maps directly and then immediately deploy updates to your entire fleet of drivers using CoPilot for navigation or fleet administrators using PC*MILER Web* or Web Services for route planning. 

Once a map edit has been created and submitted via the MapExact web tool, it is securely stored in your company’s account. It is then synchronized with CoPilot at interval set through Account Manager's Configuration Profile

There are many use cases for creating map edits. Some examples include:

  1. To reflect rules specific to your company— for instance, airport roads, military barracks or other mapped areas that are restricted to most vehicles but permitted for your vehicles. 
  2. To enhance the attributes already existing on a road—for instance, lowering a posted road speed.  

Note: Edits made to map data may significantly impact the behavior of CoPilot. As a result, the effects of the edits are the responsibility of the corporate account holder. 

*MapExact is not available for the locally installed version of PC*MILER, only for our web-based PC*MILER products.