This software provides a way to interact with the PC*MILER Rail Connectivity (DLL) Products running on Windows personal computers over a TCP/IP network from any other computer platform. Most applicable functions of PC*MILER Rail-Connect are supported. Mapping functions are currently not supported via TCP/IP interface.

Important Changes to the Interface

PC*MILER Rail-Connect (version 15 and higher) is thread-safe. The TCP/IP Interface does not disconnect automatically and thus can support true simultaneous connections. 

Note, however, that earlier versions of the above-mentioned sofware and ARE NOT THREAD-SAFE, and the TCP/IP Interface will disconnect (revert to old behavior) after every transaction.

Hardware Requirements

  • PC with a 1.5-2 GHz processor and TCP/IP Capability
  • UNIX or other host with TCP/IP Capability
  • Physical Connection (cable)
  • An additional 2 MB hard disk space


Software Requirements 

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • PC*MILER Rail 
  • PC*MILER Rail-Connect
  • Client software on the UNIX host