Solutions for some asked questions about PC*MILER Rail-Connect.

Running your application generates the error ‘Cannot find PCRSRV32.DLL’

This error is caused by an incorrect installation. To run, PC*MILER Rail-Connect must find the dynamic link library PCRSRV32.DLL somewhere in your path. By default, it looks in your Windows or Winnt folder.

Solution: Copy PCRSRV32.DLL to your Windows folder (usually C:\WINDOWS), or reinstall the minimal installation of PC*MILER Rail-Connect. If you choose not to install the DLL in your Windows folder, that folder must be in your PATH.

You have problems using overrides

Ensure that the override files are in your rail network data folder as specified in the .INI file (usually …\PCRWIN24\RAILNET).  Also ensure that the override files are named OVERRIDE.SPL, OVERRIDE.FSC, OVERRIDE.ERP, OVERRIDE.NAM, or OVERRIDE.SCA (for SPLCs, FSACs, ERPCs, station names, or railroad SCACs). Note that override files are currently not supported for other geocode types.

The pcrstest.xlsx spreadsheet

The pcrstest.xlsx spreadsheet contains examples of the PC*MILER Rail-Spreadsheets function call in Microsoft Excel. It can be a useful reference as you use PC*MILER Rail-Spreadsheet functions. To see the completed samples, double-click each #NAME? cell and then press <Enter>.  If the functions return -1 or another type of failure, the pcrss32.xla add-in may not be properly installed.  

‘Cannot find VBAEN.OLB’ error

Excel will attempt to access this file when it tries to load the Add-In.  First, make sure that the file vbaen.olb exists. It should be either in the Windows folder or the System folder inside the Windows folder. If the file does not exist, you must re-install Windows.

If the file exists, then the problem is in the Windows Registration File (reg.dat). The location of vbaen.olb is saved in the reg.dat.

Make sure the path to this file in the reg.dat points to the correct location. You can run REGEDIT /V to view/edit the reg.dat. 

NOTE:  We do not support making modifications to this file. Please make a backup copy before making any changes.

Look for the key "TypeLib". Look for the Win16 selection. Under this section should be a complete path to the vbaen.olb. Ensure the full path is correct.

‘Sub or function not defined’ error

When making calls to PC*MILER Rail-Connect from a macro sheet, you may see this error message. Check the installation of the pcrss32.xla file on your system.

‘-1’ error

This error occurs when the user enters a place name that is not a valid PC*MILER Rail location.  It can also occur if the Add-In was not able to correctly load the PC*MILER Rail database. Turn on debugging (set the debug level to 12) to diagnose the Add-In startup, then shut down Excel and restart it.

Running your application generates the error ‘pcrwin32.exe has stopped working’

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Start Menu
  2. Select Settings > Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced tab > Performance Setting > Data Execution Prevention tab
  3. Select “Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only.”