Building an application with PCRSRV32.DLL is similar to using other DLLs from your C programs. You’ll need to specify in your project the directories that contain header and library files for PC*MILER Rail-Connect. 

If you installed PC*MILER Rail in C:\ALK Technologies\PCRWINXX, the PCRSRV32.DLL, headers, and the libraries will be in C:\ALK Technologies\PCRWINXX\Connect. Sample code is available in the Connect_Test_Sample and Mapping_Test_Sample folders.

Your application must include PCRSAPI.H in all modules that use subroutines in PCRSRV32.DLL—this is the header file for the server API (application programming interface) found in the PCRWINXX\Connect\Connect_Test_Sample  folder.


To call functions in the server, you must link the application with the supplied import library. To link with the server’s import library, add PCRSRV32.LIB to your project. The way you do this depends on the programming environment you use. From the Borland IDE, you insert PCRSRV32.LIB in your project from the project window.


To add the imported functions to your module definition file, open your project’s DEF file and the file PCRSAPI.H, and copy the function names that your program will use to your project’s DEF file.