CoPilot’s technical documentation is in the Trimble MAPS developer portal, where you can find comprehensive information relating to CoPilot integrations. This new site ensures developers always have access to the latest API descriptions and feature information in a format that is easy to search and share. 

The new site replaces the .pdf documents that were previously included with each software build. It offers resources including:

  • A CoPilot Feature Guide, which provides details on specific CoPilot features and how they work. 

  • CoPilot SDK App Information, including how to get started with the sample application, CoPilot background information, and API information that will allow you to set up your integration.

  • CoPilot CPIK Libraries Information, including API information and several guides that provide content on how to get started with a deployment.

  • Release notes for each new software version. 

User Guide

The CoPilot guide for users is available here