There are six reports that can be generated by the server. These are the same reports available through the PC*MILER Rail user interface. The DLL allows easy, line-by-line extraction of reports in tab-delimited format. Each line can then be added to a spreadsheet or grid control from your application.

Available reports include Mileage breakdowns By Railroad, By State or By Railroad and State, as well as:

  • Detailed Route Report (D). This report shows a detailed list of stations and/or cities from the trip’s origin to its destination.
  • Key Station Report (K). This is a less detailed version of the above report that includes user-specified stops and ‘key’ cities along the route.
  • Detailed Geocode Report (G). Includes the same information as the Detailed Report, but also lists geographic codes for each stop.

NOTE:  Mileage breakdowns of the trip by state and railroad are appended to the end of each of the above reports.