The stops you add to a trip are simply freight stations on the PC*MILER Rail rail network. Places can be identified by station-state names, standard point location codes (SPLCs), railroad freight station accounting codes (FSACs), 3-3-3 codes (ERPCs), or junction codes (Rule 260s).

The DLL has functions for validating place names and matching partial names to places on the PC*MILER Rail network. For example, you can use the DLL to return a list of place names that match ‘HOU* TX’ or all SPLC codes that start with ‘380*’. When adding a stop to a trip, the DLL chooses the first match if many matching cities exist. For example, adding the stop ‘HOU* TX’ is valid: the DLL will use ‘Houston TX’, the first in its list of valid matches.

Please note that station/state entries should have a comma or space between station and state. For example, the station names "HOUSTON, TX" and "HOUSTON TX" are valid names, while "HOUSTONTX" is not.

PC*MILER Rail-Connect place names are limited to 20 characters for the station name plus 2 characters for the state/province/estado abbreviation.