PC*MILER|Rail-Connect offers transportation professionals and software developers access to PC*MILER|Rail features from other applications. Client applications are able to retrieve PC*MILER|Rail mileage, state-by-state mileage breakdowns, and detailed station reports. 

PC*MILER|Rail-Connect allows easy integration of PC*MILER|Rail mileage into popular software, such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and custom applications built with software development environments such as Visual Basic and Borland C++. PC*MILER|Rail-Connect is a 32-bit DLL product which can run in a 32-bit Windows environment.

PC*MILER|Rail-Connect calculates mileage for an origin-destination pair of locations with intermediate stop-off points. Locations can be identified by station and state, SPLC, FSAC (freight station code), ERPC (3-3-3), or Rule 260. The PC*MILER|Rail-Connect Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is designed to fulfill all the routing and mileage reporting needs of custom rail and shipper application development.