Feature Available in Version 32 and Higher

(Streets add-on license required) A Site extends a location to include a boundary polygon around its perimeter, entry and exit points (gates), and other valuable information. For example, a Site can be a warehouse, a shopping mall, a distribution center, a yard, a business park, etc. 

Routing to a Site can provide more accurate directions and time and distance estimates by taking a driver directly to the proper entry and exit points, rather just an address or a latitude/longitude point. 

Sites are created around custom places in the Content Tools web tool and synced with the PC*MILER user interface. 

Enabling Sites Routing

If you want to route to a road within a Site, you must first enable street-level routing using one of these two methods: 

Disabling Sites Routing 

With streets routing enabled, Sites routing is turned on by default.  If you would like to disabled Sites routing—for example, if you are only using PC*MILER Connect for rating—it can be turned off using on of two methods: 

  • A setting in the pcmserve.ini file. Under the [Options] section, set UseSites=False
  • Via the PCMSUseSites API (Available in Version 34 and Higher) 

NOTE: UseSites is set to False by default if you are not licensed for the Streets add-on.