You can assign sets of Route Modifiers (road closures or roads to avoid or favor) to specific vehicle groups. Route Modifiers are created in Content Tools and synced with CoPilot FleetPortal. 

Click the Route Modifiers button to open the Route Modifiers page.

In the Route Modifiers page, all sets are displayed with the names you gave them in Content Tools. You can mark a set or multiple sets as Defaults to be assigned to all newly added vehicle groups. Please see FAQs below about assigning multiple Route Modifiers sets.  

In the above example, the set AF_Set_1 is marked as a Default set. When a new vehicle group is created, the AF_Set_1 will be assigned to the group by default.

To Assign Sets to a Specific Vehicle Group

  1. Click on the Vehicle Groups tab to open your list of groups.
  2. Click on a group to open its details.
  3. In the Route Modifiers tab, click on Add.
  4. Check the Route Modifiers set or sets you'd like to apply to this vehicle group and click on OK to finish.

If you assign multiple Route Modifier sets to the same vehicle group, we recommend that none of the avoids or favors apply to the same road link across multiple sets. If more than one avoid or favor applies to the same link, CoPilot and later will always obey the avoid or favor that was assigned first. That is, if you update a road link in one Route Modifier set, but do not update that same link in the other set, CoPilot still applies the earlier setting.