PC*MILER-AS/400 Multi-Version Switch uses multiple .INI files.

  • AS400.exe uses Srv32.INI and Pcmmv.INI. Srv32.INI is used for startup information. 
  • Each instance of PC*MILER TCP/IP uses its own Pcmserve.INI.

Pcmmv.INI is used to store the locations of your various instances of PC*MILER|TCP/IP. Srv32.INI and Pcmmv.INI have to be kept in synch at all times. Changes to the values under the [MultiVersion] Key in Srv32.INI have to be mirrored in Key names in Pcmmv.INI.

NOTE:  Maintain case sensitivity, when editing your pcmmv.ini do not alter "PCMiler."


For example, from Srv32.INI:


Product0=PCMiler 160 <- Maps to [PCMiler 160] in Pcmmv.INI

Product1=PCMiler 170 <- Maps to [PCMiler 170] in Pcmmv.INI

Product2=PCMiler 180 <- Maps to [PCMiler 180] in Pcmmv.INI

Product3=PCMiler 190 <- Maps to [PCMiler 190] in Pcmmv.INI

In Pcmmv.INI:


product=PCMiler 160 <- This must match one of the Products listed above.

The default instance of PC*MILER|TCP/IP is only used if a mileage request has no version specified (blanks in MVS parameter). An error will be returned for any other invalid version request.

SRV32.INI Explained


; Default values: valid values are listed after the description

; Leave values blank to use the following internal defaults:

; CalcType=Practical <- Route Type

; Units=Miles <- Distance Units Miles or Kilometers

; ChangeDest=TRUE <- Route Through All on Trip Resequence

; HubMode=FALSE <- Lock in Hub mode. (Use with Caution)

; AlphaOrder=TRUE <- List States alphabetically vs. driving order in reports.

; IP Address or System Name of AS/400


;User Profile




library = ALKMVS or ALKMTL  <Location of request Queue (Midque) and Temporary Response Queues>

qname = MIDQUE

PICKLIST = FALSE <- Force Pick list for cities with multiple zip codes and for partial matches

SLEEPTIME = 300 <- Used for NS Router Connects during IPL’s

FrameTrip = FALSE <- Not used

DIAG =TRUE <- Turn on logging

Borders =FALSE <- False Cross International Borders only for International Stops

Timer = <- Time between reads of request queue.

Mapping = FALSE <-Not Supported

ExpMap = <-Not Supported

ExitWin = <-Not Supported


CustomRoute = <- Obey Avoids/Favors and Restriction Overrides set in pcmwin32.exe.



ProductName=MultiVersion AS400


; Must Point to the location of pcmmv.dll

DLLPath=C:\alkmvs or C:\Alktoll


; Values Here Must Match Key Names in PCMMV.INI

; Values Must Be Formatted as

; Name<space>###

; Where ### is 040 for Streets 4.0 and as follows

; 140 141 150 151 160 161 170 171 et cetera

Product0=PCMiler 140

Product1=PCMiler 150

Product2=PCMiler 160

Product3=PCMiler 170

NOTE: The product count must be consecutive. You cannot comment out Products without renumbering the product counts.