To close PC*MILER TCP/IP, click Exit in the File menu. From the PC*MILER-AS/400 Multi-Version Switch window, choose Exit from the File menu.

Included in the Alkmvs and Alktoll directories are Killmvs.bat and process.exe. Process.exe is a command line process utility that can exit programs. 

After copying Process.exe to C:\Windows the following sample section of Killmvs.bat would end all of the pcmsock.exe processes:

process -k pcmsock19.exe

process -k pcmsock19t.exe

process -k pcmsock20.exe

process -k pcmsock20t.exe

process -k as400.exe

The syntax is:  process<space>-k<space>[Executable Name]

It can be useful to create a shortcut to killmvs.bat on your desktop.


NOTE:  If you are closing your router, remember to disconnect the AS/400 beforehand. Please be patient, the PC*MILER mileage server can take a minute or two to exit. Be sure to disconnect the Netsoft Router from the AS/400 before closing the router. Failure to do so may result in having to reboot the PC before you can reconnect to the AS/400. It is not necessary to manually disconnect a Client Access Express connection.