Running an instance of pcmsockXX.exe as a service requires a third party utility that functions to run standard executables as services. The example below uses SrvMan from

Run srvman.exe and press ‘Add service’.

The above example was created by pasting the Version 28 line from below into the Binary path (raw): field and choosing the Service type: and Start mode: settings as shown above.

"C:\ALK Technologies\PMW270\Tcpip\pcmsock27.exe" PC_MILER 8270

"C:\ALK Technologies\PCMILER28\MVS\pcmsock28.exe" PC_MILER 8280

"C:\ALK Technologies\PCMILER29\MVS\pcmsock29.exe" PC_MILER 8290

The package type parameter (PC_MILER) is required.  The final parameter is the port number that has to match the port number setting in your pcmmv.ini file(s).

After creating services for Versions 27, 28 and 29:

A view of the above can be found in Window’s Administrative Tools => Services (services.msc).