Pcmsock.exe can be exited in a number of ways:

  • File => Exit when maximized.
  • Right Click => Close or Alt + F4 if minimized.
  • Or [right-click the Windows tool bar] Task Manager => Processes => [right-click on pcmsock.exe] => End Process.

Included in the Alkmvs.exe (or similar) is Killmvs.bat and Process.exe. Process.exe is a command line process utility that can close programs. 

After copying Process.exe to C:\Windows the following sample section of Killmvs.bat would end all of the pcmsock.exe processes:

process -k pcmsock19.exe

process -k pcmsock19t.exe

process -k pcmsock20.exe

process -k pcmsock20t.exe

The syntax is process<space>-k<space>[Executable Name] .

TIP:  Creating a shortcut to killmvs.bat on your desktop can be useful.