int PCMSGetLocAtMinutes(Trip trip, long minutes, char *locBuf, int size)


Trip trip – Handle to a trip.

long minutes – Minutes into the trip from the origin.

char *locBuf – The buffer where the location will be deposited.

int bufSize – The number of bytes in the buffer.


Determines the location at a specific number of minutes into the trip from the origin. The location is based on the air distance between the vehicle's location and a nearby city center. 

The location is written into the buffer as text in the form “distance direction location.  The distance will be given in tenths, the direction will be a compass direction, and the location. For example, "2.2,E ,08648 Lawrence Township, NJ, Mercer” would mean 2.2 miles east of Lawrence Township, NJ.

Return Values 

Standard Returns


Supported Since: PC*MILER Connect 12

Category: Trip Management