int PCMSMatrixGetCell(long origIndex, long destIndex, int rptType, char *pBuffer, int bufSize, int hourIndex)



long origIndex – The index of the origin stop.

long destIndex – The index of the destination stop.

int rptType – A value indicating what type of report information should be returned. Value range is 0 – 10, with the following types of data.

            0. Mileage – double

            1. Travel Time – double

            2. Mileage (air mileage) – double

            3. Toll Miles – double

            4. Toll Amount –  double

            5. Miles by State – a string starting with ‘<’ and ending with ‘>’.  

                The contents of the string will be state:mileage.  
                Example: <NJ:51.2|NY:34.2>

            6. Toll Miles by State – same as above

            7. Computation Time – integer in milliseconds

            8. Initiated Route Computation – true if tried to run route

            9. Successful Route Computation – true if the route computation is successful

            10. Travel time for the depart time indicated by the hourIndex.

char *pBuffer – A pre-allocated memory buffer that will be filled with a delimited string containing the desired information.

int bufSize – The number of bytes in the buffer.

int hourIndex – The index of the depart times set by PCMSMatrixSetDepartDayAndTime / PCMSMatrixAddDepartDayAndTime. The value range is between 0 and (PCMSMatrixGetDepartTimeCount – 1). (The total amount should be the total number of array elements minus 1).


Allows the retrieval of certain pieces of information from a specific cell in the trip matrix, using a specific depart time.

Return Values 

An integer return code. Negative one (-1) indicates that the product is not licensed for RouteMatrix.

Supported Since: PC*MILER Connect 27

Category: Matrix Functions