int PCMSMatrixAppendStop(const char *stop)


const char *stop – A geocodable location.  


Geocodes the given stop information string.  If geocoding is successful, that stop will be added to the stop list for the trip matrix. Appending is different from adding in that it will not require a full rerun of the entire trip matrix.

If PCMSMatrixCalculate is called on a matrix that has already been run and has new stops appended to it, only the data for the new appended stops will be calculated.  All other data will remain unchanged and valid.

Return Values 

An integer return code. Negative one (-1) indicates that the product is not licensed for RouteMatrix.

Sample Code

Log_Pcmstest("Append Holland, NJ to RouteMatrix");

Log_Pcmstest("Append 08318 Elmer, NJ to RouteMatrix");

Supported Since: PC*MILER Connect 26

Category: Matrix Functions