int PCMSMatrixAddStop(const char *stop)


const char *stop – A geocodable location.  


Geocodes the given stop information string. If geocoding is successful, that stop will be added to the stop list for the trip matrix. If a trip matrix has already been calculated, adding new stops will require a full rerun of the entire trip matrix in order to calculate the new data.

Return Values 

An integer return code. Negative one (-1) indicates that the product is not licensed for RouteMatrix.

//add two good stops to populate the matrix for calculation
Log_Pcmstest("Add Princeton, NJ to RouteMatrix");

Log_Pcmstest("Add 10001 New York, NY to RouteMatrix");

Log_Pcmstest("Try to add Princeton, NV to RouteMatrix");
PCMSMatrixAddStop("Princeton, NV");
PCMSGetErrorString(PCMSGetError(), buffer, BUFLEN);
Log_Pcmstest("Error: %s  %d", buffer, PCMSGetError());

Supported Since: PC*MILER Connect 26

Category: Matrix Functions