int PCMSMatrixAddDepartDayAndTime(int day, unsigned long hour, unsigned long min)


int day –  The day of week. 

unsigned long hour –  The hour of the depart time; value range is 0 – 23.

unsigned long min –  The minute of the depart time; value range is 0 – 59.


Sets depart times for the route matrix. PCMSMatrixAddDepartDayAndTime appends the depart time to existing values, while the related function, PCMSMatrixSetDepartDayAndTimeclears existing depart times and sets the depart time.

Note: For depart time-based calculations, you need to call PCMSSetDateOption and set the date option to 2 and call PCMSSetRoadSpeedType and set type to 2.

Return Values 

An integer return code. Negative one (-1) indicates that the product is not licensed for RouteMatrix.

Sample Code

Log_Pcmstest("Add Departure Time Monday 2:00pm");
PCMSMatrixAddDepartDayAndTime(1, 14, 0);

Log_Pcmstest("Add Departure Time Thursday 8:00am");
PCMSMatrixAddDepartDayAndTime(4, 8, 0);

Supported Since: PC*MILER|Connect 27

Category: Matrix Functions