int PCMSAbout (const char *which, char *buffer, int bufSize)


const char *which ­­– The keyword for the information you are seeking:

  • ProductName returns the product name, such as “PC*MILER Connect.”
  • ProductVersion returns the product version, such as 25.
  • CurrUsers returns the number of active current users, such as 7.
  • MaxUsers returns the maximum number of PC*MILER product user licenses purchased, such as 20.
  • DataVersion returns the data version which includes the data product name and version number.

char *buffer ­– The buffer that stores product information.


int bufSize – The number of bytes in the buffer.


Gets the PC*MILER Connect version number, the current number of active PC*MILER product users on the network, the maximum number of simultaneous users that are allowed with the current license, or the data version.

Return Values 

Standard Returns

Sample Code 

char szProdName[BUFLEN] = {0};
char szProdVer[BUFLEN] = {0};
char szMaxUsers[BUFLEN] = {0};
char szCurrUsers[BUFLEN] = {0};
char szDataVersion[BUFLEN] = {0};

ret = PCMSAbout("ProductName", szProdName, BUFLEN);
TestErr(ret > 0, "PCMSAbout(\"ProductName\")");

ret = PCMSAbout("ProductVersion", szProdVer, BUFLEN);
TestErr(ret > 0, "PCMSAbout(\"ProductVersion\")");     

ret = PCMSAbout("CurrUsers", szCurrUsers, BUFLEN);
TestErr(ret > 0, "PCMSAbout(\"CurrUsers\")");        

ret = PCMSAbout("MaxUsers", szMaxUsers, BUFLEN);
TestErr(ret > 0, "PCMSAbout(\"MaxUsers\")"); 

ret = PCMSAbout("DataVersion", szDataVersion, BUFLEN);
TestErr(ret > 0, "PCMSAbout(\"DataVersion\")");

Supported Since: PC*MILER Connect 13

Category: Administration