int PCMSGetETD(Trip trip, int stopNum, int *departYear, int *departMonth, int *departDay, int *departHour, int *departMinute, int *departSecond)


Trip trip – The trip ID.

int stopNum – Stop number.

int *departYear – Departure Year (e.g. 2017).

int *departMonth – Departure Month (e.g. 10 for October).

int *departDay – Departure Day (e.g. 23 for 23rd day of October).

int *departHour – Departure Hour (e.g. 14 for 2:00 PM military time).

int *departMinute – Departure Minute (e.g. 10 for tenth minute).

int *departSecond – Departure Second (e.g. 0 for zeroth second).


Generates the estimated time of departure based on the parameters provided in PCMSSetArrivalTime.

Return Values 

Standard Returns


Sample Code 

//Set arrival time to be Jul-28-2017 at 8:30 AM
ret = PCMSSetArrivalTime(trip,3,6,2017,7,28,8,30,0,5);    
// Run trip
ret = PCMSCalculate(trip);
// Get the number of stops in trip
int numStops = PCMSNumStops(trip);
// Get the Estimated Time Of Departure for each stop
for (int j=0; j< numStops; j++)
  ret = PCMSGetETD(trip,j,&DepartYear,&DepartMonth,  &DepartDay,&DepartHour,&DepartMinute,&DepartSecond);    

Supported Since: PC*MILER Connect 25

Category: Trip Options