int PCMSGetETA(Trip trip, int stopNum, int *arrivalYear, int *arrivalMonth, int *arrivalDay, int *arrivalHour, int *arrivalMinute, int *arrivalSecond)


Trip trip – The trip ID.

int stopNum – Stop number.

int *arrivalYear – Arrival Year (e.g. 2017).

int *arrivalMonth – Arrival Month (e.g. 10 for October).

int *arrivalDay – Arrival Day (e.g. 23 for 23rd day of October).

int *arrivalHour – Arrival Hour (e.g. 14 for 2:00 PM military time).

int *arrivalMinute – Arrival Minute (e.g. 10 for tenth minute).

int *arrivalSecond – Arrival Second (e.g. 0 for zeroth second).


Generates the estimated time of arrival (ETA) based on the parameters provided in PCMSSetDepartureTime.

Return Values 

Standard Returns


Supported Since: PC*MILER Connect 25

Category: Trip Options