void PCMSSetVehicleType (Trip trip, bool onOff)


Trip trip – Handle to a trip.

Bool onOff – Set to True to turn on heavy vehicle truck restrictions for the current route; False for light-vehicle routing.


Determines whether heavy vehicle truck restrictions on roads are respected when the route is calculated. Restrictions are on by default. Set to Off for light-vehicle routing. (A license for Streets add-on is required.)

Return Values 


Sample Code 

PCMSSetDepartureTime(trip, 2, 6, 2012, 8, 1, 12, 0, 0, 5);
PCMSSetVehicleType(trip, TRUE);
int distHeavy = PCMSCalculate(trip);
TestErr(distHeavy > 0, "PCMSCalculate(trip)");       
Log_Pcmstest("  %.1f miles (heavy)", distHeavy/10.0f);

Supported Since: PC*MILER Connect 12

Category: Trip Options