int PCMSLatLongAtMiles(Trip trip, long miles, char *latlong, BOOL useShpPts)


Trip tripID – The trip identifier.

long miles – Miles into the trip from the origin.

char *latlong – Text written into the buffer in the form latitude,longitude.

BOOL useShpPts – Should always be set to true for the greatest accuracy.



Determines the latitude/longitude at a specific number of miles into the trip from the origin.

Return Values 

Standard Returns


Sample Code 

               miles = 0;
               while (miles < dist)
                               memset(latlong, 0, BUFLEN);
                               PCMSLatLongAtMiles(trip, miles, latlong, bUseShapePoints);
                               Log_Pcmstest("LL at %.1f miles: %s", (miles / 10.0), latlong);
                               miles += 5;

Supported Since: PC*MILER Connect 12

Category: Trip Management