long PCMSGetTollBreakdown(Trip trip, int discProgram, char *state)


Trip trip  Handle to a trip.

int discProgram – The index value (integer) of the discount program for which the toll amount will be returned.  If this value is zero (0), it refers to cash.

char *state – If a state or jurisdiction abbreviation is specified, the returned toll amount is in that state only.  If state is an empty string, all states are included.


Gets the toll amount attributable to a particular discount program. Note that if the Toll Mode is set to 1 (all cash) using PCMSSetTollMode, a value of zero will be reported for all programs except cash. This feature is only available if the Tolls add-on module is installed.


Return Values 

Returns a toll amount in cents. -1 indicates an invalid trip ID or index value.

Sample Code

    PCMSGetTollDiscountName(server, i, programName, 20);
    programTolls = PCMSGetTollBreakdown(trip1, I, “ “)/ 100.0;
    printf("%s Tolls = $%.2f\n", programName, programTolls);

Supported Since: PC*MILER Connect 21

Category: Trip Management