int PCMSGetPOIAlongRouteResult(Trip trip, int result, char* stopBuffer, int bufSize, int* distanceFromOrigin, int* timeFromOrigin, float* pFuelPrice , char* amenityBuffer, int amenityBufSize)


Trip trip – Handle to a trip.


int result – Index of the result.


char* stopBuffer – Character buffer that will be filled with the geocodable stop string for the POI.

int bufSize – Size of the character buffer.

int* pDistanceFromOrigin – Integer where this POI’s distance from the trip’s origin will be put. This distance is the total driving distance to get to this POI, not an air distance.


int* pTimeFromOrigin – Integer where this POI’s time in minutes from the trip’s origin will be put. The time from origin is only calculated when the search was executed with “Time From Origin” sort order. This is a performance-saving measure. Otherwise the time defaults to zero.

float* pFuelPrice – Floating point value where the POIs fuel price (if it has one) will be put.  Fuel prices are only provided on specific POIs with specific fuel providers in North America.  If we do not have a valid fuel price for a POI, we will provide a value of -1.

char* amenityBuffer – A string that will be filled with the list of amenities this POI has.  Not all POIs will have an amenity list.  Those that do will return a pipe (“|”) delimited list of amenities that are available. 

int amenityBufSize – Size of the amenity buffer.


Gets a Place of Interest (POI) from a search conducted along a route. (For example, PCMSFindFuelStopsAlongRoute.) The function returns a fully geocodable stop string that can be used to add this POI to a route.  It also provides the POI’s calculated distance from the origin and time in minutes from the origin.  

Note that the parameter distanceFromOrigin returns miles x 1000. For example, if the trip is 20.3 miles, distanceFromOrigin will return “20300”.

Return Values 

Zero (0) indicates successful retrieval of the requested POI.

A negative value indicates an error has occurred.


Supported Since: PC*MILER Connect 29

Category: Find Places Along Route (FPAR)