To accommodate the extra space needed for requesting and receiving Tolls Cost data, the request and response packet layouts were increased in size and the size of the response data queues was increased as detailed below.

Third party or In-house transportation software must be modified to utilize PC*MILER-AS400 with the Tolls Cost component.  PC*MILER-AS/400 with the PC*MILER|Tolls add-on module cannot replace previous versions of PC*MILER-AS/400 without programming changes. 

Notes For Existing PC*MILER-AS/400 Users 

  • A set of 10 new trip parameters has been inserted into all of the request and response packets.
  • All return types (CP, SR, HR) were expanded to hold Tolls Cost information.  CP was expanded by 7 characters, SR by 77, and HR by 63.

For PC*MILER|Tolls, the ROUTEINFO portion of the HS return was increased by seven characters and the number of ROUTEINFO sets per response packet was increased from three to nine to improve performance. For users who are upgrading from Version 15 or less, see NOTE below for previous changes. 

  • Output Data Queues sizes were lengthened from 1024 to 1048.
  • Data Area “TLLALK” (renamed from COMALK) was modified to store a default setting for Tolls Cost requests.
  • “Old mode” or short city names (22 characters) are not supported.

NOTE:  In Version 16, the ROUTEINFO portion of the HS return was increased by 25 characters and the number of ROUTEINFO sets per response packet was decreased from four sets to three. Route Number was increased 15 characters from 20 to 35 (Highway, Road or Street Name), and Interchange City or Junction was increased 10 characters from 28 to 38.

New for Version 31

There are no longer separate builds of the Distance Server Executable (Srv32.exe) for Tolls and Non-Tolls installations. The Distance Server will now check the first request that it receives after startup to determine the correct response format to use.  

Switching between Tolls and Non-Tolls is simply a matter of configuring Srv32.exe to point to a Tolls (ALKTLL) or Non-Tolls (ALKWIN) Library and then restarting Srv32.exe as follows:

1. Click the File dropdown menu, choose ‘Change Library/Data Queue’ and change the Library as necessary. Restart Srv32.exe after the Data Queue value has changed. Be sure to wait for this message before the restart:

2.  Change the Library or Data Queue to one that will be receiving Tolls Requests.

Running Both a Standard Highway and Tolls Cost Version

1. Make a copy of c:\windows\pcmserve.ini and rename the copy to “pmwssrv.ini”.

2. Make a copy of c:\windows\pcmsrv32.dll and rename the copy to “pmwssrv.dll”.  Edit c:\windows\pmwssrv.ini in Notepad and set the Library=value from “ALKWIN” to “ALKTLL,” or from “ALKTLL” to “ALKWIN”. If your existing Library= value is an ICC library, you must change it to another library.

3. Create a shortcut to Srv32exe: Set the command line parameter to 2 as below.

C:\ALK Technologies\pcmiler31\as400\SRV32_hwy.exe <space>2