For PC*MILER|Tolls, the Detailed Route (HS) Request layouts were increased by 10 to hold a new set of Trip Parameters. The HR Response Layouts were changed in two ways: The number of Sets of Route Information was increased from three to nine to improve performance. This route information was increased by 63 to hold Tolls Cost data (7 x 9 sets). Output Data Queues increased from 1024 to 1048.

Following are parameters for a route and state miles request. The purpose of this request is to allow the Host to retrieve detailed route information based on the city pair stop-off points.



Following are field parameters for a response to the route and state miles request. The PC response record has all of the required detailed route information.  There are four route list records\response records. Therefore, if there are more than nine records for the route, additional response records must be returned. Multiple returned records are designated by the "M" in the "MORE" parameter field.

REMEMBER:  A “CP” and “SR” output record will always precede the “HR” response record.