For PC*MILER|Tolls, the State Miles (SM) Request layouts were increased by 10 to hold a new set of Trip Parameters. The SR Response Layouts were increased by these 10 new trip parameters plus 70 characters (10 sets of 7) to hold Tolls Cost data. Output Data Queues increased from 1024 to 1048.

The following are field parameters for a state miles request. The purpose of this request is to attain the state-by-state mileage information associated with a trip.



The following are field parameters for the state miles output. The PC will respond with the miles (or kilometers) for the stops indicated in the "SM" request.  There will be 10 state miles returned for each record. If additional records are needed, an "M" in the "MORE" parameters field is used to indicate that there is more data to follow. 


NOTES:  A “CP” (city pair, point-to-point miles) response is always returned first for all three request types (MI, SM, and HS), and an "SR" (state miles) output record follows the “CP” response to an "HS" (highway system, detailed route information) request.