For PC*MILER|Tolls, the Miles (MI) Request layout was increased by 10 to hold a new set of trip parameters. The CP Response layout was increased by these 10 new trip parameters plus 7 characters to hold Tolls Cost data. Output data queues increased from 1024 to 1048.

The following are field parameters for requesting miles. The purpose of the Mileage request is to allow the host application to retrieve point-to-point miles. This type of request could be used for a quick mileage lookup from a host inquire program or for running several stop-off points in a batch environment. The host dispatching software could generate this request when a new trip is established.



The following are field parameters for output miles. The City Pair response returns an output to the host application that contains city names and ZIP codes along with miles, cost and time estimates.The CP response is always returned first for all three request types (MI, SM, and HS).