When using PC*MILER|Streets, the best match for address location lookups can be accomplished using the guidelines stated below. These rules apply to batch or interactive integration. It is recommended that a validation (VA) request always precede each mileage request, especially where street addresses are included, in order to avoid misleading or incomplete output.

When you input a street address, use a city and state abbreviation whenever possible

Example: Princeton, NJ;1000 Herrontown Road – The comma between the city and state is optional. The semicolon between the state abbreviation and the street address is required. Use a street number. 

Example: Princeton, NJ;1000 Herrontown Road as opposed to “Princeton, NJ;Herrontown Road”. In this example, if Herrontown Road is 50 miles long and no address is included, the returned mileage could be very inaccurate.

When a street address is not supplied, do not send a semicolon

Example:  Send 08540 as opposed to “08540;” – a semicolon will cause the server to look up a blank address (unnecessary).

Three examples of correct input:

Trenton, NJ;21 Olden Avenue

New York, NY;118 Broadway