A working sample code with solution file is in the …\ALK Technologies\PCMILERXX\Connect folder. The solution file is called pcmdotnet.sln. You should be able to open in Visual Studio 2003 or higher and build and run this sample application.

  • Sample VB.Net source code is in the …\ALK Technologies\ PCMILERXX\Connect\VB.NET folder. The file is called testconnect.vb.
  • Sample C# (sharp) source code is in the …\ALK Technologies\ PCMILERXX\Connect\Csharp folder. The file is called testconnect.cs.
  • Sample C# (sharp) source code with external API function declarations are in the …\ALK Technologies\PCMILER31\Connect\PCMDLLINT folder. The file is called PCMDLL.cs. This file is compiled and builds a wrapper dll called pcmdllint.dll which can be used by C# applications or VB.NET applications. A programmer can add more of the PC*MILER Connect functions to this wrapper following the data type rules below.

The data type mapping rules

  • Use int or integer for longs and shorts. NOTE: The TRIPID should be declared as Int or Integer.
  • Use StringBuilder for returned strings.
  • Use ref or ByRef for long/int/short pointers to returned pointers.