The level of route compliance included with a route sent to CoPilot indicates how strictly CoPilot should try to return to the original (sent) route in the event that the driver is out-of-route. The three possible compliance levels are:

Strict: CoPilot will try to navigate back to the original route at all costs, even if it means the driver needs to turn around and drive back to rejoin the prescribed route.

Moderate:  CoPilot will try to navigate back to the original route but will take into account the driver’s current position in relation to the destination; i.e. CoPilot will try to rejoin the prescribed route as it navigates towards the destination, but along a route that is more reasonable than what the Strict compliance level would follow.

Minimal:  At this level, the original prescribed route is not taken into consideration.  The route taken may still rejoin the original route, but its first objective is to navigate to the destination from the driver’s current position.