PC*MILER Connect includes functions that can process latitude/longitude points to obtain trip information. They can be used by any external programs that calculate distances between GPS pings (for example, third-party automated driver log programs or fuel tax programs). 

  • PCMSReduceTrip allows PC*MILER Connect to receive a large file containing latitude/longitude points and derive trip information from it for use with external programs.
  • PCMSAddPing is an alternative to PCMSReduceTrip that enables you to enter latitude/longitude points directly into PC*MILER Connect without having to read them from a file first.
  • PCMSReduceCalculate can then be called to calculate a trip based on the lat/long pings added with PCMSAddPing. It is meant to reduce the number of pings in a trip—ideally one way but can usually handle round trips.

TIP: As PCMSAddPing and PCMSReduceCalculate are alternate methods to PCMSReduceTrip, we recommend calling the APIs in the following order: First call PCMSAddPing, then PCMSReduceCalculate, then use the standard report APIs to generate the route.