PC*MILER Connect offers a wide range of functions to customize a trip’s routing calculations and report formats—from setting a governor speed or a truck’s load status to reporting distances in kilometers or miles.

Default options that are set in the PC*MILER via the default Route Profile will be active when an option is not specified either directly in Connect or in the PCMSERVE.INI file. The order of precedence is:

  • Options that are set directly in Connect take precedence over the default options set in PC*MILER and the .INI file.
  • Options set in the .INI file take precedence over those set in PC*MILER.
  • An option set as the default in PC*MILER takes effect only in the absence of settings 1 and 2, and only when a key for that option exists in the PCMSERVE.INI. For example, the Distances application setting in PC*MILER would only take effect when the line DistancePrecision= exists in the [OPTIONS] section of the .INI, without an assigned value.

The following functions affect the trip’s routing calculation and reports